Do You Really Want To Live Forever, Forever Young

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Family drama….

So basically my family is like a fucking pack of wolves the moment one of them starts tearing someone down they all jump in for the fun and I’m fucking sick of it because its always me whose the goddamn target. Like I drive the car to work so you don’t have to drive me that’s 3-4 days a week for a ride that’s maybe 10-15 minutes it does not mean I should have to be the one who fills it up when it gets low when you’re the one who drives it EVERYDAY to work and where ever else you go so sit the fuck down you arrogant asshole. don’t get me wrong I have no problem filling up the tank every once in a while cause I know that yes obliviously even if its a short trip it will of course use up gas and I don’t have a problem pitching in for my trips but I shouldn’t have to fill it up every fucking time its empty I’m a 17 year old child in my senior year of HS I’m trying to save for university and a car of my own as well as pay my bills I cant be paying yours too.

  • 28 September 2011
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